Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

It really is a very merry Christmas. The Christmas spirit came a little late for me this year but boy, when it did, it came full blast! I have had such a blast this year and have so many things to be thankful for that it is just plain impossible to not get caught up in the revelry and spirit of the season.

I was down for about 3 days with some stomach bug or food poisoning (not sure what it was) and all my plans for baking and shopping for gifts went down the drain.  I had to make up for lost time which made me CRAZY! haha  I spent the 23rd walking in a coma in the mall to finish my holiday shopping. 

Nevertheless, I found perfect gifts for the wonderful people in my life.  I had a grand old time stuffing my face with scrumptious food.  I had the best time with both my families and I have new memories to cherish and remember.

Merry Christmas! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Housewife Chronicles: Missing Home

There are just some days when I miss my family in Manila.  I miss sitting down to dinner and chattering with my sisters, mom and dad while eating.  Tarlac is my home now and I have my own family but I miss the comfort of eating mom's cook anything-inside-the-ref meals, the way special occasions have their own category of food and sitting around the dining table until we've finished all the little morsels of our favorite dish. 

My mom used to cook us glutinous rice balls (tang yuan) stuffed with either peanuts or black sesame during the Chinese New Year.  She boils it in a sweet soup of brown sugar, water and ginger.  We used to complain and give our mom a lot of grief for forcing us to eat these chewy round orbs.  Only when I got older did I appreciate how delicious they are: soft and chewy on the outside, nutty and mildly sweet on the inside with a hot gingery sweet broth.

Food Trip Weekends: Thai Dara and Mamou Too

Friday Dinner: 

I was in the mood for some hot soup after a tiring afternoon of doctor check-ups for both Jacob and I.  I also didn't want to venture far from home since traffic was horrendous.  I love the Christmas season but I detest the heavy traffic that inevitably goes with the Christmas rush. So off we went to get Thai food to soothe my tummy with hot and spicy soup and deliciously tangy beef salad.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Food Trip Weekends: Good Earth Garden Cafe

I went out to have merienda and some chit chat with my good friend L.  There are limited choices in Tarlac when it come to food and we always end up going to the same places over and over again.  We knew Good Earth Garden Cafe opened a branch at the McArthur Highway (they also have a branch at Romulo Highway), and decided to go there to try something new.  

The first time my friends mentioned this place, I thought it was the same Good Earth restaurant in Manila.  Turned out it was a homegrown Tarlac business.

I remembered the first time I ate here. they only had one menu to pass around.  I'm happy to see they printed out more menus already. hehe

We started with homemade malunggay pesto and crackers.  This  is a good way to insert more malunggay into our diets.  

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Housewife Chronicles: Holiday Baking

It's that time of the year again.. I'm turning my kitchen topsy turvy, depleting my sugary supplies and baking up a storm for my friends and loved ones. What is better than crackly topped, ooey gooey brownies, as prosaic as they are? Revel bars, the recipe I got from my sister-in-law, is in essence a giant chocolate chip oatmeal cookie made over the top.

I'm tired but satisfied knowing people dear too me will be enjoying the fruits of my baking endeavors.