Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Food Trip Weekends: Kozui Green Tea

I'm back!!!  Been so busy spending time with family and enjoying the holidays.  I have tons of food stories post but I'll start with one of my favorite desserts...Kozui's green tea anmitsu.


It's a Japanese hybrid halo-halo with some unusual toppings.  It's fully loaded with green tea jelly, red beans, sweetened taro jam, mangoes and, my favorite, chewy rice mochi finished off with a big helping of green tea ice cream.  It is so so yummy.  The bittersweet flavor of the green tea ice cream accentuates all the ingredients and makes for a cold, creamy treat that has a lot of flavor without being too sweet.  


Here's J enjoying our sweet treat.  I'm happy to see him unafraid to try out new food and flavors.  

They still have leftover holiday decor...so pretty and fresh with the pink and green motif. 


Kozui Green Tea Cafe
258-B Tomas Morato Avenue
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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