Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mommy Fashion: Bobbie Heavenly Glitz

I could never take a look at the nail polish section and not take home anything!  I actually don't paint my nails often but I just like having these colorful little bottles around to play with. hehe  The newest addition to my polish collection is Bobbie's Solar Burst from the Heavenly Glitz collection.  Can I just tell you guys that I LOVE glitter!  I've been in love with Deborah Lippman's glitter polishes and have been looking for a cheaper alternative.  Cause anyone who knows me, knows I'm not going to shell out more than 1000 bucks for a bottle of nail polish.  *Read: cheapskate.*

This bottle costs 35 pesos and I'm quite happy with it.  A little sheer with the glitters but nothing 3, or maybe 4 coats, couldn't fix.  It is so pretty and fun!  I can't capture how pretty they are in pictures but they are so dainty and flattering in real life.  

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