Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I have got the itch...The itch to travel! 

I am so lucky I had the opportunity to go to so many different places and countries this year.  Every time I get my things ready, making lists, running around, grabbing stuff and, generally, procrastinating and packing at the last minute, I am filled with glee that I am yet again on a new adventure.  I had to pack two suitcases twice this year.  One for me and one for the little boy.  Double the stress, double the fun!

Thailand started off my year of travel.  It was sweltering hot and humid to boot.  I had fun with my sisters going through the giant Platinum mall to find clothing bargains.

Baguio in April for the hog convention and to celebrate Daddy and E's birthday. 


3 days later, E and I flew off to our much delayed "honeymoon" along with my parents.  Dreamy Rome, scenic Lucerne, quirky Amsterdam and iconic Paris were my favorite stops.    I love love love Europe's old world charm.  I could just sit down on a cafe, eat pastries and gelato all day while people watching.  I missed J so much while we were gone but I also made it a point to enjoy every single moment of our trip.  We might never go back and I want to absorb as much of the sights and energy of the beautiful cities we explored. 

Subic road trip in August with the in-laws...

And Baguio again on September.  J rode a horse and sat on the swing for the very first time.  We're bringing him to all the iconic Baguio hangouts one by one. hehe

This year little J had his first airplane ride with us and my happiness has run over the proverbial cup.  It is such a pleasure to have him around.  Tiring, exhausting and back-breaking but worth it to see him enjoy all the things I love about traveling.  His first airplane ride brought him to Taipei where he ate xiao long bao and enjoyed the cold weather.

We took one more trip to Baguio and had fun playing at the BCC Christmas village with our little boys. 

One last hurrah before the new year.  My dream to bring J to the beach finally came true!!!  The whole family visited beautiful Puerto Princessa and it was such a perfect way to welcome 2012. I also got to see fireflies on this trip, another dream of mine fulfilled!  I'm going back to see dolphins and whale sharks next time. 

Whew!  I had fun looking through the pictures and I am going to cherish all the beautiful memories we made throughout 2011. 

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