Saturday, September 24, 2011

Food Trip Weekends: Hermanos Taco Shop

Good Mexican restaurants have been sprouting up all over the Metro and it's my mission to try all of them! Unfortunately, E HATES Mexican food, and no way will he willingly go to one. But since I came to Manila by myself, I decided to cross Hermanos Taco Shop off my list and grab some munchies.

Hermanos is a nondescript restaurant located at Granada. They certainly did not invest in their decoration as everything is totally utilitarian, just some chairs and tables in a plain room, which does not matter anyway since I just wanted some take out.

Hermanos' happy welcome sign in the Mexican colors!

The menu has a variety of proteins and fillings that you can mix and match with the options on the menu.  If you are feeling hungry, you can opt to get a burrito where you'll have rice along with your tortilla and vegetables.  I opted for some tacos since I just wanted a snack to share with my sister. 

One of the tacos I ordered was the fish tacos (P150).  An order consists of two tacos with a generous filling of fried dory fish with cabbage,onions, tomatoes, a drizzle of white sauce and a roasted tomato salsa on the side.  The main difference with Hermanos from the other Mexican places in Manila is their use of masa harina (maize flour) in their tortillas.  I did not like the tortilla at all!  I do appreciate that it seems fresh but the texture is really off putting. The tortilla is soft without any chewiness and it feels really thick.  The filling was yummy though, the fish was crispy and the vegetables was fresh.

The other is a carne asada taco (P150).  This comes with grilled beef pieces instead of the fish.  The spices used to marinate the beef is really prominent and yummy.  However the beef is cooked well done which made it a bit dry.  I am not sure if there is an option for doneness but I'm sure that it can benefit with a bit more moistness. Overall, I like the tacos and I think they are value for my money.  

Wanna try?  Contact details below.

Hermanos Taco Shop

#27 Granada Avenue, corner Jose O. Vera St.
(Petron Station)
Lungsod Quezon 1112
02 5708425

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