Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mommy Fashion: Cheap Alternatives

I've been eyeing this mustard and white sleeveless polo from Topshop and Dorothy Perkins for the last couple of months.  However, my kuripotness can't seem to fork over P2000 for such a simple top.  On a trip to the department store to buy some essentials, I passed by the ladies section and saw a dupe for the polo I wanted,  It was 1/4 of the cost! So so so happy!  I love bargains. hahahaha Anyway, who doesn't right?  I immediately got one in my size, went into the dressing room and was happy that it fitted me perfectly. 

Here's how I wore it for dinner out with my friends. 

Krizia polo, Mango sale green cardi, 168 white jeans, Promod sale wedge, Mulberry from E.

Ang daming sale items noh?  I really love going through the sale racks and finding treasure.  I know all you ladies feel the same!! :)


dentista co said...

hey! what happen to your face!!!????? :-) hahahaha

Cheska Tan said...

taken over by an alien!