Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have been planning to curl my hair for the longest time but my mom has always told me that I look better (aka thinner) with long straight hair. It made me quite scared that it took me 2 years to actually get a perm. After strenuous research, (Googling hehe) I decided Mr. Shin of Beauty Brick Salon is the perfect place to get beautiful tousled curls.  They offer digital perming which results in curls that look like they've been "set" instead of the traditional tight curls. I hope I don't regret my decision!

 Here is my hair all wrapped up.  There is still no medicine at this point.

My hair with medicine and rollers, all ready for the digital perm machine.

After my stint at the digital perm machine, my hair looks like Little Bo Peep.  Don't worry, I just wanted to show you the size of the curls.  Mr. Shin wanted large curls which I also wanted.  However, I asked the assistants and they recommended the medium rollers just because the large curls requires a lot of effort to maintain.  If you like the look of those Koreanovela stars though, get the large curls.  The medium curls will take a little time to loosen up before turning into waves.

They put neutralizer on my hair to stop the perming process and washed it out.  They are now drying my hair into four sections.  Aparrently, drying your hair in that long spiral is crucial since it makes the hair curlier.  When the hair is dry, you can now separate the curls and put wax for a natural look.  If you want something more structured, mousse can be applied while the hair is still a little wet.

Et voila! Vavavoom waves! haha Or I hope it's vavavoom.  I'm really pleased with the results and I can't wait till the curls get a little bit looser. 

For those wanting to get a perm, I should warn you.  It's the new IT hairdo.  There were at least 5 other girls getting a perm at the salon! 

Wanna get a perm? Highly recommended:

Beauty Brick Salon

Dona Consolacion Building, Jupiter Street, Makati
(From A. Venue, turn right at Mcdonald's and it's about the 10th building on your right)



Joanne Clarisse said...

Nice curls cheks! Pretty pretty as always =)

free wheeling said...

Jor!!!! Thanks! I love it as well :)