Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mommy Fashion: Sensible Separates

As of late, my fashion choices is greatly influenced by a little bundle of terror I lovingly call my son. J is an extremely active 18 month old and anyone who takes care of a toddler also knows that it requires a lot of kneeling, crawling and running around. That means no to low cut tops, no to delicate garments, no to dangling earrings, no to wearing short skirts (unless I wear shorts underneath), no to high heels (unless I have yaya with me) and yes to comfy cotton tops, yes to cover-ups (vests and cardigans are heaven sent since they hide my bulges hehe), yes to shorts (it gets hot running after a kid), yes to sensible footwear!

My goal is to be comfortable but not look losyang!

What I wore to lunch and malling with my mom, sister and J:

Color blocking with an old blue tube top, Forever 21 lavender shorts and H&M denim vest.

Do you guys think I should post pictures of me as well? Di ba nakakahiya? haha

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