Thursday, September 22, 2011


I usually just cook breakfast and dinner for E and me. (We eat my mom-in-law's yummy cooking for lunch.) I tend to lean toward simple, easy to assemble meals with not much braising or assembling beforehand. (Read: I am lazy and do not want to stand in front of a hot stove for more than 30 minutes!) I could say that I am the master of 30 minute meals, move over Rachel Ray!  

One thing I know will please E is perfectly cooked eggs.  My biggest hurdle used to be poached eggs.  I have always had the notion that it was difficult and best left to the pros.  But when I saw how easy it was to poach eggs in a Masterchef episode, I decided to take the plunge and pop my poaching cherry! The first attempt was really terrible.  I used the vortex method which is in quite a few Youtube videos.  All the egg white separated from the yolk and I ended up with perfect egg yolk and egg drop soup!  The second trial resulted in beautiful eggs.  The method just requires you to heat up some water until barely simmering (meaning there is almost no bubbles), add a tablespoon of vinegar and a pinch of salt.  Break the egg into a small container, gently lower the container into the water and slip the egg in.  You can use a spatula to gently nudge the egg white closer to the yolk, wait about 2 minutes, lift out of the water, drain on a paper towel and you'll have yummy, oozy poached egg. 

So dinner tonight is just some poached eggs, bread, ham and a mushroom sauce with cheese on top.  Simple  but healthy, yummy food. 

The egg gently cooking in the water.

So proud of my second attempt!  Looks good right?! 

Place eggs on top of some toasted bread and ham.

Whipped up an easy mushroom pesto sauce.

Topped with some cheese and microwave for 30 seconds until the cheese melts.  Watch husband devour and enjoy.  Mission completed!


dentista co said...

haha same tayo natuto lang din ako magpoached ng eggs because of masterchef!!! :-)

free wheeling said...

It' fun to learn new stuff!