Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Housewife Chronicles: Super Moist Chocolate Cake with Whipped Chocolate Frosting

Remember the chocolate cake I stashed away in the freezer?  It finally came out to fulfill it's become my sister M's birthday cake!

Ganache has always been my choice of frosting for chocolate cake.  I wanted to try something with a lighter texture this time and made a simple whipped cream frosting.  You just need to whip up a cup of heavy cream until stiff then fold in 4 ounces of cooled melted chocolate.

 Frosting in the middle for maximum yumminess. 

More frosting.. I love frosting.  I ate leftover frosting for breakfast.  DON'T tell anyone!

It's okay if the frosting is not completely smooth.  Ok, repeat until it becomes true. 

Put some decorations to hide the "not too smooth but it's okay" frosting.  Pink flowers and a happy birthday makes everything better.

Closer shot.


How does it taste?  The frosting has a mousse like texture with the taste of chocolatey ganache.  My mom and sister still preferred traditional ganache but I do like the lightness it gives the cake...Makes it that much easier to finish your slice of cake.. or two.. hehehe

Happy Birthday M!!! We love you very much!


duchessduke said...

can you give me a piece? -N

Cheska Tan said...

PsssT! Pag-uwi mo na lang :)