Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mommy Fashion: Night Out with Blockmates

Saturday was one of those rare times I have a night out with my college blockmates. We planned to eat at Yakimix so I planned on buffet friendly clothes... A garterized skirt, loose top and cardigan are all great ways to disguise the flab.

I also wanted to wear my new booties. My sister-in-law, C, and I have similar taste in clothes and shoes. When we saw these shoes, we immediately wanted to try it on. The salesman informed us that it was all out in size 9 which, coincidentally, is both our shoe size. After looking around, we came back again for the shoes and insisted they double check their stocks again. Lo and behold, they came back with size 9 and 10 in all colors. C got the shoes in black and I got it in gray. As a bonus, we only paid 700 pesos what we thought was 1000 pesos shoes. Our persistence paid off! Yahoo!

This is the complete outfit.

 Cardigan:  from mom, Shirt: Shopaholic, Skirt: Redhead, Booties: Parisian

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