Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taipei 2011: Day 3

The family wanted to go electronic shopping and then go to Xi Men Ding for some sightseeing.  Guang Hua Digital Plaza was just a 15 minute walk away from the apartment.  It is a huge building with literally everything about computers and electronics.  Prices are usually lower when compared to Philippine prices.  However, they had a price increase because of the recent Thailand flooding.  Too bad since we were ready to buy hard drives and other computer accessories.  

J and I had a snack of tea eggs and matcha milk while E was looking around. 

We proceeded to Xi Men Ding via MRT blue line and got off at Xi Men station.  Taipei has been greatly influenced by the Japanese and Japan's pop culture is apparent in this place they call Taipei's Harajuku.  I've been here once before and I really enjoyed all the small shops crammed full of uselessly cute butingtings and little mom and pop restaurants which abound in the area.

Hopefully the start of a new tradition.

Professing his love for Taiwanese sausage.

Tian Ren brews fresh, high quality tea for their milk tea concoctions.  They sell loose leaf teas too.  I love their milk tea with the strong, clean taste of good quality tea.  

At I's insistence, we ate lu fou fan for lunch at this restaurant.  We had an inexpensive, quick and perfectly yummy meal of rice topped with stewed pork, braised bamboo shoots, sauteed greens, boiled egg, fried tofu and chicken soup.  The simple pleasures are truly great. 

Mom loved the soup.  Lu rou fan is fatty and tastes heavenly.

E's order.

Something healthy to counteract the oiliness.

As if we weren't full, I bought iced coffee from this shop just because I like their old school vibe and the cool coffee contraption they had.  Labor of love ang peg nito!  Drop by drop the ice water melts and slowly pushes through the ground coffee and collects at the bottom bowl.  Tumirik ang mata namin ni E!!!

Not seen in the picture is also another cup of milk tea with pearls which I consumed right after the coffee.  We walked around Xi Men Ding before going to I's university.  K got egg tarts from KFC, a sacred tradition that has been followed through Hongkong, Thailand, China, (Korea?) and now, Taiwan.  I bought a few pairs of glasses, some tights and random nail stuff.

I with Mom and Dad at her university. 


We had dinner with my Dad's Taiwanese friend brought us to eat at Hai Li Wang.  It serves delicious,comforting and unique Taiwan cuisine. 

This restaurant only serves a set meal for every table so better come hungry.  Practically every table has a big pot of chicken soup simmering on a portable burner.  The waitress will come to add a lot of vegetables and you will be tempted to dig in but will not be able to because they only allow you to drink the soup after it has boiled and cooked the vegetables to death. 

Soup number 1.


Soup still boiling.

Boiled shrimp.

Soup number 2. 

Pork leg with bamboo shoots.

Mussels with mushrooms and bokchoy.

Glutinous rice with seafood and cheese.  I want to replicate this at home!  The rice is slightly spicy and umami-licious.

Soup number 3.  The soup has glass noodles, taro and fishballs and is supposed to make you richer.  I ate two bowls. hahahaha  At this point, we were able to dig into the chicken soup. 

Dessert was steamed buns with mung bean paste.

Thank you Uncle and Auntie for the wonderful dinner.

Stuffed full.  The boys went home after dinner while mom, the sisters and I went to Shi Lin night market to continue our culinary adventures.


First thing we saw at the Shi Lin market was a lady selling handmade accessories using leather and copper.  I am a sucker for vintage-looking, artisan handicrafts and immediately parked myself in front of her stall.  I got two bracelets. 

We could smell the almond milk from far away and knew we wanted some.  We shared this cup, I wish we didn't. 

Black pepper buns.  This was also sold at Rao He night market and the line there was so long!  Luckily, the Shi Lin location wasn't as busy.  Shobe loved this.  I would have liked it too except I hate pork fat and I can see chunks of it.  Blech.

Various roasted meats. 

Bacon wrapped scallions.

More fruits.

I was about to eat a piece of barbecued mushroom.  Please tell me you'll eat some for me when you go to Taiwan!

Fruit dipping powder. 

Walang kamatayang sausage!

I's suki

Literally called oily rice.  Mom bought some and we ate it for midnight snack. 

In line for the famous Hot Star Chicken.  MUST try!

There ends my food filled day.  I swear I only eat like this when I'm on vacation!

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