Monday, November 21, 2011

Taipei 2011: Stuff I Bought

I went on this trip knowing that I wouldn't be doing any clothes shopping.  Not only is Taiwan entering the winter season (think fuzzy knits and thick coats), but we also have a small boy in tow.  Not conducive for a successful shopping trip.  BUT...I couldn't resist the cute accessories and the cheap cosmetics Taiwan had to offer.  Not only do they have a bigger selection of (for want of a better word) stuff, they also have cheaper prices.  By stuff, I mean all the little knickknacks, unnecessary but irresistible. 

Cheap frames from Xi Men Ding.  I love the wooden frame on the left. 

Bubble hair dye.  I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to coloring my hair.  I'm happy that I've found a mild coloring solution (not unlike cellophane treatment) which gives my boring black hair a little lift of color.  I especially love Liese, it leaves my hair soft and shiny after use.  The best part part?  It comes out as foam, like shampoo, which keeps the mess to a minimum.  I hate it when every Asian country I've been too has this in stock and we're the only one left out. (Those are not all mine.  I gave some to my sister-in-law.)

Lucky us, Sogo was on sale.  We also availed of the 5% tax rebate which means we were able to buy some MAC cosmetics for 15% off.  I just bought some essentials, including face powder, BB cream and lip gloss.  I also couldn't resist bringing home some cheap nail stuff.

Oversized blue sweater, the only piece of clothing I bought.  Or do you count tights?  Cause I bought 5 pairs but threw away one after it got a run.  Don't worry super cheap lang, 100 NTD for a pair. 

Can't wait to use the fruit patterned one!  Cold weather trip again please!

The winter clothes for kids were so cute!  I couldn't buy any though and settled for a blue striped polo and Doc Martens-ish boots for J.  Can't wait for him to use these! 

A Silpat mat, measuring spoon, fried chicken powder and Starbucks tumbler.  I will buy baking stuff wherever I see them.  I took my time choosing a tumbler to buy in Taiwan... crossing my fingers they don't have this in stock in the Philippines. 

Cheap spin pin knock-offs for my Starbucks buddies. hehe

My new camera case which I'll use as a clutch for coffee runs!

Got these copper and leather bracelets from Shilin.  I love that they're handmade and totally unique.  I regret not getting more of her products. 

Lastly, some snacks to tide me over my Taiwan hangover.  Shin Tong Yang sausages made from black pigs, matcha milk tea, Pocky Almond Crush (!!!) and GIANT Yakult.  I wish we had Giant Yakults here...Why the ridiculously tiny package??  Pocky Almond was also cheaper and I wish I had lots of luggage space for hoarding.  

What's your favorite thing to buy when abroad?  Share!


Christy said...

Hi Cheska! Do you have an email address where I can send you a private message regarding milk tea drinks. Thanks!

Cheska Tan said...

Hi Christy.. Please send me you email address and I'll get back to you :)

Christy said...

Hi Cheska! you can email me at thanks!

Cheska Tan said...

I sent you an e-mail :)