Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taipei 2011: Day 4

We wanted to buy some things to take home for pasalubong and, luckily for us, SOGO was having a sale.  So off we go in a taxi (it was raining and taking a taxi in Taiwan is compartatively cheaper) to a day of retail therapy.  Don't worry, we spent most of our time buying food and drinks in the grocery.  

*Take note, you could get 5% rebate for things you're bringing out of the country.  Please bring your passport along.  Check this site for details.

We took an early lunch at the food court.  I got chicken chop curry omurice and an oyster omelette meal for J and I.  Yes, we finished the whole plate.  What?!  We were hungry!

Bibimbap for K.

J sipping soup through straw.

Starbucks stuff.

We went our separate ways after lunch.  The girls went crazy at the MAC counter while the boys went shoe shopping.  My sister and I had to go home and get our passport to avail of the rebate.  I also bought some odds and ends at the supermarket. 

Salmon sashimi from the supermarket.

Afternoon snack was Share Tea which was located right across SOGO.   Armed with my rusty Mandarin, I was able to order.  Yey!!

I didn't understand what the base flavor was but I'm guessing it's wintermelon with rocksalt cheese.  This is sooooo gooooood!!! They also had a sinker which I haven't encountered in Manila.  It was shaped like a jellybean and tasted like kaong. Could somebody verify this for me???  Calling Share Tea Manila!!

We transferred to another SOGO which was one block away on the other side of the road.  The elusive Shin Tong Yang was found there.  We hoarded on Taiwanese sausage for our trip home.

Spotted:  Hello Kitty Cakes!



Since we were leaving for the airport at 10pm, we went home to pack all our things first before going out for dinner.  I had a lovely time at Apple House.  It was sad to leave.  :(

Dinner at some random restaurant.

Sauteed cabbage.

Oysters.  I am very suspicious of oysters so I just tasted one.

Spicy squid.

Various fried thingies.

Beef stir fry.

Sweet and sour fish.

Boiled shrimp.

One more picture before we say good-bye Taipei and good-bye shobe!

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