Thursday, November 3, 2011

Food Trip Weekends: Gloria Maris and Manila Peninsula

Part Two 

Sunday breakfast: 

It really is a no-brainer, breakfast dimsum at Gloria Maris is the best way to start any day!  My dad-in-law and I are big fans of Gloria Maris dimsum.  True, it may be a little more expensive, but the quality and size of their dimsum really shines through.  

We started off with vegetable dumplings.  I think this was stuffed with minced mushrooms and chives.  I liked it but not enough to order again. hehe

We also got an order of taro siomai.  This is basically siomai that is coated with some taro and steamed.   Again, not my favorite.  But I ate two big pieces since E does not like taro in his food. hehe 


E and I shared a small bowl of congee.

This is one delectable order of chicken feet!  I really wish I had some rice to sop up all the remaining sauce.  It has just the right amount of spicy, salty and sweet, not to mention really meaty chicken feet pieces.  

This is E's favorite (and mine) or maybe everybody's favorite..hakaw!  The wrapper looked a little thick and opaque but it was actually very good.  It was thick enough to hold in all the juicy shrimp and bamboo pieces but  thin enough for me to enjoy all the subtle flavors inside.

A complaint I have about Gloria Maris, they are the stingiest restaurant ever when it comes to chili sauce.  They give such a small serving and you have to ask for refills over and over and over again. 

Gloria Maris
Club Filipino Ave., Greenhills Shopping Complex
San Juan, Metro Manila
(02) 7213504


Sunday evening:

We celebrated E's cousin Marcel's wedding on Sunday afternoon.  I had to hold my breath a lot because my tummy is big and was not cooperating with the dress. The price I had to pay for my weekend of gluttony. haha  Ok lang, worth it naman

A picture with my two boys.

Playing while waiting to go to the reception.  So cute.  This was about the time I was scarfing down french fries and chicken chop from Serenitea.

Tan-See wedding menu

Seafood salad for starters

 Pumpkin soup

Pan seared sea bass

Dalandan sorbet which I put in my iced tea for an instant refill! hehe

Braised shortribs

Chocolate marquise and panna cotta.  The dessert spoon wouldn't fit into the glass so I had to use a fork.  I say desperate times call for desperate measures.

A sweet ending for my perfectly sweet weekend.  

The Manila Peninsula
Ayala and Makati Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila

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