Monday, October 31, 2011

Food Trip Weekends: Share Tea and Cafe Ysabel

Part One

Saturday breakfast:

I woke up nice and early because I was excited to go on a breakfast date with E.  Sometimes it feels like we don't have time for just the two of us anymore and I really treasure the times we go out on our dates.  I suggested Cafe Ysabel since I wanted to try their breakfast menu.

E had the Kapampangan breakfast set which consisted of lengua, scrambled eggs with chorizo and rice.  I had the Country breakfast set which had country fried steak, scrambled egg, hash brown, bacon and fried apples.

Imagine this place at night with candlelit romantic.

A little nook to sip your coffee while holding hands with someone special.

Hot chocolate that came with E's meal.  He loved it and finished his cup in 5 minutes.  No exaggeration. haha

My HEAVY breakfast!  This plate could have fed two people but I tried my best and, with a little help from E, succeeded in almost finishing my meal.  Only the hash brown and some eggs got left behind. hehe

This is E's delicious lengua breakfast.  But what I loved more than the lengua was the eggs that came with his meal.

I have always admired Cafe Ysabel's facade. This would be a perfect place for a proposal, just set up the place with lots of twinkling tivoli lights and candles.  So romantic. 

Cafe Ysabel
455 P. Guevarra St.
San Juan, Metro Manila


Saturday after dinner snack:

Share Tea is a milk tea franchise from Taiwan and has 20 years under its belt already.  I figured they must know their tea.  I wanted to take advantage of Share Tea's buy one free one promo so I went there right after E and I finished breakfast.  Unfortunately, they still do not have all their ingredients ready.  I decided to just call in my order after dinner and pick it up.  Best idea I had all day, because pandemonium greeted me when I went in their store!  It was full of people availing of their promo.  I was pretty glad that we just had to line up to pay since our drinks were already pre-ordered. 

Free drink selection was: Taiwan classic pearl milk tea, rock salt cheese with Oolong tea and Wintermelon with jelly strings.


Funny drink cap haha

I like that they have cup holders for take-out.

Kiwi fruit jelly drink, my least favorite flavor of those we bought.  Too artificial.

 Handmade taro with fresh milk.. surprisingly yammy! (pardon the pun hehe)  I think they have another version of taro but the version we bought has fresh milk in it.

Yup there's 12 in there!  Don't look at me like that...I dropped off some milk tea for my in-laws too!

My sister M and I got to try their rock salt drinks too and I think they might be better than my gold standard Gong Cha!  Yey!! :)  Both the green tea and oolong versions were good.  They had just the right amount of richness with the bitter tea cutting through the fat.  My mom -in-law enjoyed the wintermelon tea with jelly strips, which for me tasted like pearls in string form. 

Bilis try niyo na! hehe

Share Tea 
Wilson St. cor. P. Guevarra St.
San Juan, Metro Manila

To be continued...

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Anton Lu said...

I didn't know Cafe Ysabel offered breakfast. Thanks for the food trip posts. Keep 'em coming. Cheers!