Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Trip Weekends: Revisiting Old Classics

While I love trying out new restaurants, there are also days when the tried and tested is what hits the spot.  This is exactly what this weekend was all about.  I had the opportunity to eat (and drink) at four restaurants I love.  Let's start shall we? :) 

Saturday lunch:

Had a girly date with my best friend from high school.  It was a toss-up  between Cibo and Bizu and, naturally, Bizu won.  I love Bizu.  I love their ambience: girly but not so much that men and boys become uncomfortable to eat there.  I love their food: good servings and consistently great taste.  It's not one of those places where you feel bitin after eating.  The complimentary bread basket with garlic butter and jam they give out during breakfast is also yummmmmy!!!

We split an order of French onion soup full of cheesy bready deliciousness...good decision because I couldn't have finished the whole order.  Carb lover that I am, I also ordered my favorite prawn linguine with tomato sauce.  It had the perfect balance of sour and sweet with basil and garlic essence.  Yuuum! 

Saturday dinner:

I stuffed myself with a carb heavy lunch and Serenitea for merienda (I'll get to that later) because my family and I decided to eat dinner late.  How late you ask?  We ate at 9pm!  Why?  I wanted to try Golden Fortune Restaurant's hotpot and dimsum buffet which starts at 9pm.  Yes, my cheap matakaw self cannot resist a deal.  You see, Golden Fortune's buffet costs only P350!  Sulit the late dinnertime. haha They also have another branch where they give a discount of 30% instead of the buffet.  My mom was still full, so we went to the Soler branch for the 30% discount.  

Golden Fortune hotpot menu has all the usual ingredients and has some not-so-usual ingredients too.  There's ostrich meat and crocodile meat for the adventurous eaters!  Everything was so cheap.  Our hotpot feast and dimsum extras cost us P 1,100!!! That's 5 adults and one toddler eating!  

Full dining room at 10pm! 

Sunday lunch:

Mother and sister dear went on their workout and I went with father and baby dearest to the supermarket.  Eat Well! is conviniently located near their gym so we just met up there for a quick lunch before I go home.  

Baby J and I love their fried tofu with asparagus... so silkenly soft and melt in your mouth with a light, slightly salty sauce.  So so good!  You should also order their porkchop and vegetable rice meal.  The rice is fried with some green vegetables and dried shrimps, you could eat the rice by itself! One of the highlights is also their chili sauce... slightly sweet, a little salty and not too hot.  My mom, sister M and I finished the little pot of chili sauce on our table.  

Sunday merienda:

Finally, a post on my favorite milk tea place!!!  

Manila weekends is not complete without grabbing some drinks from Serenitea!  I cannot describe how obsessed I am about this place.  I think that this is the best milk tea place in the metro by far!  (One other milk tea place I like is Gong Cha, but it is still inaccessible to me.  Open one in Greenhills please?)  

Their milk teas are the reason that I keep going back to Serenitea.  I love that you can identify their milk teas by their distinctive tastes.  No need to look at the label.  Serenitea fans, do you agree? :)  Their sinkers are also a big draw for me.  They are included in the drink, so no need to pay extra to make your drink yummier.  Panna cotta and egg pudding makes the milk tea taste richer and milkier, black bricks, bubbles and black diamond for contrast or green tea jelly, crystals and lime jelly to make your fruit teas fruitier.  

So obsessed that I drank a cup on Saturday and brought home 5 more cups  home!  One for my mom-in-law, one for E and three for me!!! hahaha Talk about hoarding!  

Now you know the reason why I'm getting bigger (FAT)!!!  Promise, I will start my diet soon.  Happy eating everyone! 

Wanna try?

Bizu Patisserie and Bistro 

Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila

(02) 7242498, (02) 7262496

Golden Fortune Restaurant

G/F Peace Hotel, 1283 Soler St. 
Binondo, Manila 
Metro Manila

(02) 2442777

Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen 

Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila

(02) 7228518


G/F G&L Bldg., J. Abad Santos St. cor. V. Cruz
Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila

(02) 3794166

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