Monday, October 17, 2011

Mommy Fashion: Dotty Madness

Manila weekend means dress up day!  I know what I'm wearing doesn't seem remarkable for most people.  But, since moving away from Manila, the shorts and t-shirt combo has been my daily wardrobe.  Slipping into a girly dress and wearing nice heels is a nice break from the usual.  

Of course, it wouldn't me if I didn't discuss how my outfit consists of sale items! hahaha  It really goes against my grain to buy something for full price.  I usually wait for my favorite brands to go on sale before I do my shopping.  Turns out last weekend was the mid-season sale for Topshop, Warehouse and Dorothy Perkins.  One tip, please shop on the first day of the sale for better selections.  I went on Friday and got some great deals.  I returned the following day with my sister and didn't find a single thing.   

Dress:  Dorothy Perkins sale, Shoes: Prima Donna 

I also bought my bag on sale.  I find the whole satchel bag craze to be pretty cute but I don't think I'd be interested in it for a long time.  Thus, some scouring at our local department store and..Taaaada!  A colorful alternative for the more expensive brands at a very good price. 

Bag: Secosana sale

I'll be posting some of my favorite things from this weekend next.  Have a great morning everyone!!!

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