Friday, October 21, 2011

The Housewife Chronicles: Rose Birthday Cupcakes

I played with fondant again!  I tried my hand on making some sugar roses for my good friend Marie's birthday cupcakes and it turned out quite cute, albeit a little rustic. haha 

I baked lemon cupcakes for the base and decided on creamy, tangy, yummy, rich cream cheese frosting.  I got the chance to use the 1M Wilton tip my sister-in-law got me from Canada.  I love the rose patterned frosting it pipes out. 

Got over-enthusiastic with the frosting! hihihi

Finished product!


dentista co said...

thanks cheska! :-) wow nafeature kami sa blog mo! :-) our "glow in the dark" shot hehehe

dentista co said...
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