Friday, October 28, 2011

The Housewife Chronicles: Food Overload

Wow, pig-out week for the family.  We had a couple of guests from out of town and the in-law's family took turns taking them out to eat.  Last night was daddy and mommy's turn and, as usual, it was a fantastic meal.  My mom-in-law is a great cook (discalimer: Ma, your cooking is delicious too!!) and I always forget my diet when she's cooking for a party.

Here are her kitchen assistants.  Yup, there was a lechon and it was delicious.  If ever you're in Tarlac City, pass by Louie's...they have tasty roast chicken and lechon.  You could also get them to roast your own pig. hehe

Get ready to drool because I am about to post a visual feast!

This is the aforementioned lechon.  Hey there little guy, get ready for my hungry tummy.

Some sweet corn my mom-in-law bought for 7 pesos each.. so cheap but oh so tasty!!!

Sauteed squid with vegetables.

Everyone's favorite...Salt and pepper prawns with lots of toasted garlic.  I cooked this with instructions from mommy.

Chopped lechon.

Lechon sauce, so gooooood!

Noodles with canned pork leg.

Baked salmon.

Chicken barbeque, my personal favorite.

Coconut juice, so refreshing.


Of course I had to make some sweets as my contribution.  My dad-in-law saw my sister-in-law make a green tea cake and wanted to try it.  So I made one and it was pretty good, it tasted subtly of green tea and was very moist.  I also made mango jelly because I saw bargain mangoes in the grocery.

Green tea cake with cream cheese frosting.  The frosting was a tad too sweet so I might tweak a little, but definitely a keeper.

Mango jelly.

I hope all you guys are drooling!  Burp!

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