Monday, October 3, 2011

Food Trip Weekends: Cold Layers

The storm that hit Manila this weekend was supposed to hit hardest on Saturday night.  We were ready to stay cooped up at home but as the evening grew later and the rain grew weaker, we decided to take our chances and sneak out for dessert.  My sister suggested Cold Layers since we live quite near.

 Their super cute logo greets you at the entrance.



Cold Layers is a dessert place serving Taiwanese style shaved ice.  They use different flavored ices such as milk, soy milk, Horlicks, grapes, chocolate and many more for the base and add toppings to create combinations. They also serve the ubiquitous milk tea, fruit shakes and yogurt smoothies along with some sandwiches and wraps.  

I was excited to try their new flavor, Sweet Sensation (P240), when I saw Horlicks and graham crackers... Two flavors I love!

Top side.

Side view.

The instant the shaved ice hit my mouth, my ice widened and I immediately told my sister to get a bite.   The ice was so flavorful but also light at the same time.  The crushed graham gave the dish some welcome texture and sweetness without being cloying.  Two thumbs up for me.  Only downside..It is so expensive at 240 pesos!  The serving of shaved ice could maybe feed two but I could easily finish it by myself. 

Toasted Milky Bun (P45)

Just ordinary bread with lots of butter and condensed milk toasted.  Tasty but unnecessary.  Weird thing.. They sell this for 90 pesos in the morning and serve "free coffee".  We ordered it in the evening and it cost us 45 pesos.  Figure it out. haha 

Maple Milk Tea (P120)

The Maple Milk Tea was..........different.  I think you guys just stick with the shaved ice ok? hehehe

Wanna try? 

Cold Layers

2nd Level Northeast Square, 47 Connecticut St., 
Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

(02) 724-5988

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