Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Day in Photographs

8:00 am  Good morning world!

9:00 am  Finally got out of the house today.  No thanks to J's yaya who conveniently got sick when she went on her day off.  

11:00 am  Sneaking in some reading after office work.

12:00 pm  My handsome sundo came for me! 

12:30 pm Lunch at Fortune.  Chinese food is the best!

1:30 pm  Played with my little guy.

 3:00 pm  Time for J's afternoon snack.

4:00 pm  Time for mommy's afternoon snack hihihi

5:00 pm  Takeout.  No yaya means no time, actually, no energy to cook!

5:30 pm  I miss you shobe!

8:00 pm  Picking up an old new hobby!  I hope I finish what I started.  

Good night world!

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