Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taipei 2011: What We Wore

Of course I was mega-excited for J's first trip abroad.  His outfits were planned in advance with matching accessories.  As if he cared. haha  I just wore what was comfortable and hopefully, I didn't appear too frumpy.  

Day 1: 

Taipei greeted us with cool, windy weather and I'm so glad I came well prepared with sweaters and long sleeved shirts for the little boy.  I got paranoid that he might get sick on his first day so we really bundled him up warmly for his first day of adventure. 
 Polo: Mothercare, Cardigan: H&M, Cargo pants: H&M, Hat: Surplus Shop, Shoes: Adidas
My sister and I were surprised to see ourselves in coordinated outfits for the day.  I swear we didn't plan our clothing but we both ended up wearing blue polka dot dresses, white scarves, booties and red accessories.  We had to take a "twin" shot to show everyone!

Dress: Promod, Cardigan: Zara, Booties: Topshop, Scarf: Topshop, Bag: Mango

Day 2:

Isn't he the cutest boy?!  He is such a flirt and the Taiwanese ladies loved him!  Day 2 was warmer than day 1 so he got to take off his cardigan and show off his new polo shirt given by his Tarlac granny.  

 Polo: Gingersnaps, Cardigan: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Adidas, Accessories: Lampin

Since we were on our way to go swimming, I just wore shorts for easy packing and a lace shirt gifted by my sister-in-law.  I also wore my favorite blue blazer.  It is just thick enough to keep me warm but also lightweight and comfortable.  My ever dependable Mango leopard bag is also with me.  It is the perfect size and lightweight and keep my hands free for taking care of the baby.  I shall be very sad when it gets broken.

Shirt: Zara, Blazer: Zara, Shorts: random Bangkok, Shoes: Payless, Scarf: Topshop, Bag: Mango  

Day 3:

We visited my sister's school and hung out there until she finished her class.  We took the opportunity to take some family photos while waiting.  We had a lot of fun just walking around and enjoying the cool weather.  I got to whip out J's super fuzzy jacket (gifted by his Di-i) when it got windy in the afternoon.Halata bang fan ako ng H&M.  I love how their jeans fit J.  Thank you lolas and aunties for all the clothes!

Shirt: random, Jacket: Zara, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Adidas, Diaper: EQ

Since tights are ubiquitous in Taipei, I wore suspender tights I got from the street market the night before.  The suspenders are actually just an illusion since it's woven into the tights itself.  E found my tights very weird. haha 

 Knit shirt: Forever 21, Blazer: Zara, Shorts: Zara, Tights: Taipei night market, Bag: Mango

Day 4:

Our last day was spent in the mall and we were lucky enough to arrive when SOGO was on sale.  That's J eating at the food court, drinking soup with a straw. haha  In fairness, he almost finished the soup.

 Shirt: Carter's, Jacket: Zara, Jeans with suspenders: H&M

We got busy shopping and searching for bargains that we remembered to take pictures only when we got home.  J changed into pjs for our airplane ride home.  I just wore my comfiest shirt because we still have to get on the plane. 

 Knit shirt: Forever 21, Shorts: Zara, Leggings: 168, Glasses: Forever 21, Shoes: Payless

I hope everyone enjoyed our mother and son outfit post!  I am excited for our next cold weather adventure!

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