Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taipei 2011: Avent Tempo

One thing I got worried about was how to bring all of J's bottles and bottle cleaning implements to our trip.  My baby bag was bursting to the seams already and bringing 4 bottles all at once is simply not an option!  The Avent Tempo system was a real life saver.  I just brought one bottle and the refills and we were all set for the trip.  

I also brought along Pigeon hand and mouth wet tissues to clean the bottle nipples and cover.  I just wipe all the parts contaminated with milk and rinse with hot water.  I must say that it worked very well and was super convenient.  

These wipes are food grade and are perfect for babies.  You can even use these to wipe fruit and vegetables if you're suspicious of how clean they are.

This is the complete bottle with the disposable plastic cup inside.  It really made the trip a lot more convenient since I did not have to worry about bringing all of J's bulky stuff. 

Just put a new cup (it's already sterilized from the package) and screw on the lid.  No need to wash and sterilize the whole bottle.  A great thing for Avent users is you can use your normal nipples with this bottle.  No need to buy new ones just to fit into the system. 

Next up, outfit posts for J and I. :) 

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Unknown said...

Hi. I recently found out about avent tempo. And on impulse i bought one online. I was so excited to use it but got dissapointed coz the bottle is leaking. I dunno what the problem is. The leak is comming from the rubber part.. is your bottle leaking too? Thanks for the reply.